Financial Change

The Financial Change program is designed to help our clients fix, solve, create and plan self-determined goals.

Our team of Financial Capability Coaches provide support, encouragement and accountability as each participant accomplishes identified financial goals.


We allow the client to drive the transformation by: 

  • Providing the client with tools to: set and attain goals, implement a spending plan, reduce and payoff debt, manage credit, maintain a savings plan, buy a home, refinance a home, prevent home foreclosure, learn how to use banking services and learn and practice other personal financial matters
  • Providing the resources to assist with meeting and exceeding their self-determined financial goals
  • Offering regular one-on-one personalized sessions
  • Employing a collaborative,methodical and accountable  process to assist clients in setting and attaining financial goals on their own
  • Mandating assignments to help our clients practice new behaviors
  • Giving referrals to community partners based on our client’s unique needs and goals

We assist clients in:

  • Overcoming negative patterns by developing positive, constructive behaviors that are relative to their personality
  • Overcoming self -limiting beliefs by enhancing their knowledge and ability
  • Creating clearly defined goals
  • Improving productivity and performance
  • Regaining peace of mind
  • Confronting and conquering their feeling of fear or incapability in their own financial lives