Youth Education

Youth Financial Capability and Literacy

In today’s “instant gratification” economy, many young people have an inaccurate understanding of their financial responsibility. From pop-stars to pro-athletes, money is viewed as a symbol of status. While the reward for elite level performance can yield a lucrative contract, the fact remains that contracts have closing dates. We frequently hear about signing bonuses and multi-year deals, yet, facts surrounding what happens when the contract is over are rarely discussed.

Our goal is to educate our youth with strong fundamental decision-making skills that can have positively impact their financial futures. We are dedicated to increasing financial knowledge, encouraging informed financial decision-making, and building financial confidence in youth. We develop financial awareness, money management and goal setting skills in adolescents and young adults between ages of 12 and 19.

Our focus is to help train youth:

  • To learn how to create a personal budget
  • To create a personal financial plan
  • To develop a savings and investment plan
  • To use credit wisely
  • To determine how career choices may affect their lifestyle
  • To determine how insurance can protect them and their future